ABGAL’s eCommerce Customer Manual



To access the ABGAL shop site, you must register hereABGAL sitefirst.

Please complete the Application for Registration.

Log In

Once you are registered and have your username and password ready, you can log in at any time – go to shop.abgal.com.au and click on login at the top right corner.

Enter your username (most likely to be an email address linked to your customer account) and your password in the respective boxes and click “ Login & Continue”.

When logging in for the first time, you are prompted to change your temporary password to one you choose yourself (so it is easy to remember and you will see this screen below.

Once you enter your new password in both fields, click the “Change Password” button to save it.

Welcome Home Page

Once successfully logged in, you will see this page:

From here, you can use the top navigation menu for browse products, accounts and shopping cart specific information.

The format has changed from the old style, but all the same buttons are available, just now in different locations. The menu options are along the top.

The action buttons to access functions, review old orders, pay your account and other tasks are in the Dashboard. From here you can track and trace order, re-print an invoice. Reprint a statement update your details if they change.

Quick Search

If you want to see the details of a specific product code, you can use the Product Search bar just above the main menu.

This will take you directly to a product detail page. Here you can click for further details including features, warranty info or just download the product brochure.

Here I searched on the word “Heatshield” and I get a grid of products options to sort the list and even filter it by size.

You can select and order a product from this page, just by adding a quantity in the ‘Add to cart’ box.

The products displayed at the bottom of your screen are suggested products which may complement the product you are looking at.

Ordering by code

If you know the code of the product you wish to order, you can proceed directly to the cart page, by clicking the ‘Cart’ section at the top of any page. 

From here, you simply enter in the product codes and quantities required. When finished, click ‘Add to Cart’ to add them to your shopping cart and see your buying price on those products.

Please note that these are YOUR buy prices, not Retail prices, so DO NOT quote them to your customers, quote the RRP prices shown below your cost or add your margin.

Browsing Products

If you prefer to browse products, you can just use the top navigation menu to seek for your desired product. The products are by category in a logical order. For example you can start with [POOL COVERS], then [FLOATING COVERS – SOLAR & THERMAL].

Then choose pool shape, size and other available options from the side filtering list.

Account Enquiries

The ‘Dashboard tab at the top right corner, gives you the option to view [Order related information]  or  [User Details], pay an account [Pay Account], and account administrators can use the [User Admin] function to add or delete users from their own account and change purchase order limits etc.

View Previous Orders

One of the great features of the site is you can display all previous orders. These have the date they were shipped and with some carriers, they have a “Track” button so you can track and trace your consignment.

Below is your search screen for viewing current and previous orders:

Enter a date range and click ‘Search’ to view the results.

On the result list returned from your search, you can click ‘View’ alongside an order to see the details:

Track Your Order

You can see where your goods are at any time by clicking the “Track Order” button. Here is the status of an order which was shipped on TNT, direct from the TNT web page:

The best way to get the most from this new eCommerce facility is to give it a try. 

Orders can be created then put on hold, until you are sure you are ready to commit to order. 

If you do something you want to undo, just call us as soon as possible, so we may assist.

Finally, we value your feedback… 

This site has been created for you, our valued customer.  If you have any feedback or ideas on how we could improve this service to you, please contact us via email or phone.

Got questions?  Need training?  If you require more personalised instruction on how to maximise the benefit of online ordering with ABGAL, we are at your service – just ask…