Finally! A simple, fast and long-lasting solution for faded, flakey or blistered fibreglass pools.

Did you know, an Aqualux pool finish can be easily installed into a fibreglass pool?

This pool shell was badly faded, bleached by chemicals and riddled with Osmosis. Desperate for a new surface finish, Aqualux was chosen as the best option. By using Aqualux, the Osmosis is sealed underneath and becomes virtually invisible once the pool has been re-filled.

For this particular pool, the whole exercise took less than two days of work. The pool was emptied and water stored in bladders on site. As with any fibreglass renovation, the shell was braced using Acrow Props to prevent it from popping out, then was able to be measured.

Measuring didn't even require a surveyor - we used our specialist 'Photo Measure' technology, where the shell is measured using a series of photos from a mobile phone.

Once the shell and plumbing were prepared for the liner (about a day's work in this instance), the Aqualux interior is ready to put into position. It takes less than an hour, and re-filling the pool begins immediately. 

You can watch the installation process in the time-lapse below.

If you are interested in adding Fibreglass conversions to your current offering or learning to use PhotoMeasure for other 3D pool projects, please give us a call or email – we’d love to talk.